I Never Worried About a Good Night’s Sleep After I Discovered This!

You know that feeling of anxiety you get when you just know you aren’t going to get a good nights sleep and how that anxiety makes it even worse to fall asleep? I found the natural solution to getting more natural sleep without the meds AND looking years younger at the same time! I’ll tell you the secret but first, here’s how my story started…

Anxiety, Stress, Low Sleep, (I hated the thought of medications…)

Public speaking, holiday visits from in-laws, exploding dirty diapers…these are things all humans dread.  But for me, it’s the annual anxiety of our family reunion.  Some people might dread 100-degree scorching heat or the embarrassing competition over whose child is the most accomplished.  However, the pain of this year’s reunion was a little subtler.  I’m sure my Aunt Jody didn’t mean it and it was probably the wine talking but three times she asked how my two boys were doing.

Why did this bother me?

Well, my little angel girl is an only child.  I thought it was an innocent mistake at first, but apparently she was confusing me with my older sister.  You’re probably asking, “What’s the harm?”  Well, I’m nine years younger than my sister Susan.

Susan could see how upset it made me and immediately pulled me aside.  I was quick to confess how upset I was.  I told Susan that ever since my daughter was born five years ago I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep.  The worst part is that my complexion was paying the price.  On top of that, I had dreaded the reunion, which had kept me tossing and turning all week.  That lack of sleep made me even more sensitive to my Aunt’s confusion.  On the other hand, my older sister Susan has endless energy, no eye bags and youthful looking skin, even after she turned the big 4-0 and having four lovely monsters… I mean terrors…OK OK – children!  She assured me that I looked just fine but told me she had a few secrets she’d been using for years and she agreed to tell me more over lunch once the reunion was behind us.

Susan was happy to trade her piles of laundry and dishes for a lunch with me.  We met at a local café and I shared with Susan all my frustrations with getting to sleep.  Everyone needs that critical deep sleep each night but mine was completely lost when my baby girl woke up religiously at 3 am for more than a year.

“Permanent anxiety started to creep into my mind around 10:30 every night..”

Unfortunately, it was only my baby’s sleep that went back to normal.  I ended up with a permanent anxiety that started to creep into my mind around 10:30 every night.  Little noises, little thoughts, am I being a good mom, did we pay that bill, little mental checklists; they all kept me staring at the ceiling.  The emotional damage of being mentally and physically useless after back-to-back sleepless nights was just so vivid that it played tricks on my mind.

To my relief, she said she had the same issues when she first started having kids and within seconds I was pestering her with question about how she did it.  How did she effortlessly look and feel younger when she had so many more kids, responsibilities and stress than me?!  I expected a guarded response but the floodgates of wisdom opened!

My big sister told me she had done quite a bit of research when she was my age and determined that in order for her to keep her sanity and youth, it came down to three things. The first was quality sleep.  The next was managing her anxiety.  And finally she had to give her skin the proper nutrients each night.  After hearing these three tips, I immediately recalled the previous night where I had tossed and turned in bed for hours thinking anxiously about this lunch.  I’d say that at least three times a week I would lose a couple hours of sleep because I was too busy running through checklists of things I needed to worry about for the next day.  I still wasn’t satisfied.  I already knew I needed more sleep, and then she hit me with what I was hoping for…

The big surprise was her easy three-step nighty ritual

that she religiously used to get an amazing night of rest.  Three bottles that she called her secret to happiness.   She could see me almost fall out of my chair listening to her tell me all about what was in those bottles, and to my relief she offered to drop off her secret supply the next day.

The Secret to My Sleep Happiness

I’m the type of person who just has to try things for myself in order to believe them so I was anxious to give her three-step process a try as soon as she dropped off these bottles.  Her instructions were simple –

Step 1 – Diffuse a Deep Sleep Essential Oil Blend an hour before bed.
Step 2 – Apply a Stress & Anxiety Essential Oil Blend to my temples and feet at night.
Step 3 – Apply this overnight serum to my face just before bed.

It seemed simple enough

and I was willing to do anything that might help me get a better night sleep.  I really did love the subtle calming aroma that the Deep Sleep oil gave off.  And the night serum she gave me immediately made my skin feel rejuvenated and refreshed.  But that next morning, I couldn’t believe it.  I woke up feeling more energetic than I had in years.  I wasn’t grouchy or irritable.  Nothing could keep me from my habit of making my morning coffee but I didn’t feel like the zombie I usually did, dragging myself towards the coffee maker every morning.  I had more energy that day and felt like I could handle anything.  Wondering what could have made such a difference in just one night, I immediately inspected the label to reveal what my sister had helped me discover.  This little sleep miracle in the bottle was made by Terra Pure™. Although it was just one night of amazing sleep, I was committed to making this a nightly ritual.

Step 1: Diffuse and apply this amazing deep sleep blend to wake refreshed

And sure enough, after one week of using Terra Pure™’s three-step process I could tell my body was finally able to fully recover overnight.  As I discovered, only when you get into the third state of sleep, also known as ‘deep sleep’, your body is able to repair tissues and strengthen your immune system.  One troubling fact is that as you get older, you naturally sleep more lightly.  However, studies show you still need just as much ‘deep sleep’ as you got when you were younger.  This three-step process can get your body in that same relaxing deep sleep you got in your twenties.

Step 2: Time to calm your mind…Use this on your feet and temples before bed!

The more I found out about proper sleep, the more everything just clicked.

Without quality sleep you can expect to experience:

memory loss (check!),
depression (check!),
irritability (yup!),
and premature aging of skin (definitely!).

I wanted to know more about Terra Pure™ and their products because along with my quest for a great night’s sleep, I’ve been trying to stick to products that are all natural.  Our bodies are just inundated with chemicals and toxins that interfere with so many of our body’s daily natural processes!  This is why I was so excited to find out that all products made by Terra Pure™ are 100% natural and GC/MS tested to certify product purity!

Since sleep was (that just feels good to say) my #1 problem, I initially spent the most time researching what was so special about Terra Pure™’s Deep Sleep.  Terra Pure™ really knows the difference between basic aromatic oils and more complex therapeutic oils.  Terra Pure™ specifically selected a particular type of Bulgarian lavender due to its high potency.  This type of lavender provides the highest levels of therapeutic qualities. Bulgarian lavender allows your to mind to initially decompress so you can get to sleep, but even more importantly for an amazing night’s sleep, it actually helps you stay asleep. Terra Pure™’s Deep Sleep also contains Indonesian Vetiver, which is known to relax physical and emotional systems.

Step 3: Use this to turn back the time and wake much more vibrant looking!

I also became obsessed with Terra Pure™’s Serum Y Overnight Youth. I really can’t say enough about this product.  The more I read about the ingredients, the more I’m convinced that it really belongs in high-end cosmetic stores.  It contains rosehip oil, which is commonly found in ultra high-end cosmetics since it is full of vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids that are known to correct dark spots and hydrate the skin.  But if that wasn’t enough, it also contains caterri frankincense harvested from mountainous regions in the Middle East.

Terra Pure™ selected this type of frankincense because it is known to reduce scars and rejuvenate the skin.  Many around the world use it as a preventative measure against skin cancers.  Finally, it contains a luxurious oil called helichrysum oil used for helping heal cuts, scars and most importantly, skin toning.  If you’re looking for youthful elasticity in your skin after a solid night’s rest, then helichrysum will become your best friend! It is actually used to treat acne as well, which is why I don’t just use it at night anymore.

I Wish I could Tell Everyone!

I wish I could tell everyone about Terra Pure™’s natural 3-step solution to better sleep and better skin!  Their products have changed my life in ways I can’t begin to describe.  It’s amazing how much my family and friends enjoy my company now that I’m not edgy or some irritable sarcastic zombie!  You’ll feel like you’ve got an endless amount of patience.  And since Terra Pure™’s 3-step process is 100% kid-friendly, anyone in the family can enjoy the benefits!

Roll on

Now, the best and final news I’ll share at this point is that Terra Pure™ is currently offering a special promotion to try Deep Sleep by just covering shipping and handling!  It’s just $6.95 to have the product sent to you so you can try it for yourself and see how much of a difference they can make in your life. They are also offering the same deal on Serum Y for anyone who tries their Deep Sleep oil.  From what I understand, this promotion is only available for the next 72 hours and could go away at any time so please don’t hesitate!  It changed my life and I know it will change yours!

Immunity BlendTerra Pure™ Essential Oil Deep Sleep Kit


Deep Sleep

Thanks to Terra Pure™, I have my sleep back! 🙂 🙂 🙂




P.S. Just to be clear, this is a retail company. It isn’t a network marketing company, or an MLM, or anything like that. You don’t have to become a distributor, or pay a membership fee. They just make a great product and sell it. This will also be on Amazon.com soon!

UPDATE: These are selling out pretty fast. I guess the response has been overwhelming. The company is currently shipping these within 24 hours and they have several kits left, but mentioned that this will change if they keep getting more and more orders. If you are one of the ones who wants to try this out for yourself, then better hurry before their deal expires!





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