How Do Essential Oils Work?

Essential oils can be extremely beneficial. They are a great solution for many problems, from pain to sickness to relaxation. Have you ever wondered what makes them work? Why they do what they do? Well, here are a few things I’ve found out about that subject! Share your thoughts in the comments, and hopefully, we can all learn something together!

How Do They Work?

Whether you’re stressed out or simply have an ache in your body which won’t go away, here’s one solution you can opt for: essential oil therapy! Whether you’re going for an aromatherapy or application, these oils are a common practice and here’s how they work in your body:


  • Topically


If you’ve ever visited the spa then you must have, of course, gone in for a nice and relaxing massage. They usually use the essential oils which are absorbed into the skin. With the combination of massaging to enhance the absorption, the oils then take away the ache and greatly relax the body.


  • Aromatherapy


Sweet smells are already known to be quite relaxing. Essential oils have a certain kind of smell which is carried through the olfactory system and carried to all the major organs of the body especially the brain. This stimulates the emotional part of the brain and therefore causes emotional relief.

It can also stimulate the alignment and healing of some specific organs or issues. Either through incense or candles, this kind of therapy is a common practice and has been proved to being quite effective.

Essential oils are known to work wonders and if you haven’t yet tried them, then it’s high time! You’ll come out new and refreshed like never before!

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