How Cutting Down On Processed Sugar Will Help You

Processed sugar can add to the waistline and have a negative effect on our brains.  Even if you aren’t overweight, it doesn’t mean that processed sugar isn’t harming your health! Before you make the decision to cut out the sweetness in your life, here are some reasons why.

Cutting Down Can Decrease Risk of Heart Attacks

Not only does sugar intake increase the risk of heart disease, it can also lead to heart attacks! One of the simplest solutions that many experts suggest to cut down sugar from your life is to stay away from soda. You would not believe the amount of sugar that is included in all kinds of carbonated drinks. Dark, clear, or orange, they are all the same and increase the risk of coronary heart disease—by up to 25 percent!

Cutting Down Can Lower Blood Pressure

The more sugar you have in your daily diet, the higher risk of obesity you are exposing yourself to. High blood pressure is one of the reasons that makes being overweight so dangerous. It means that your heart has to work under a lot of strain, as do your arteries. Over time, this can damage your circulatory system and even result in heart attacks, heart diseases, stroke, and kidney damage. It also decreases the lifespan of people compared to those with a lower intake of sugar in their lives.

Cutting Down Can Reduce Bad Cholesterol Levels

High amounts of sugar that you consume on a daily basis will increase the levels of bad cholesterol in your body. It will also lower the amount of good cholesterol and increase the level of triglycerides in your blood. When the cholesterol that has been depositing in your blood vessels becomes too much, it can result in heart disease.

Do you have any solutions that have helped you stay away from processed sugars? Share them!

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