Essential Oils: A History

Massages and aromatherapy are common practices which perfectly make use of essential oils. These practices have actually been around pretty much since the beginning of time and have been used in several different ways!  They are also used in religious ceremonies as incense to help relax during meditation and prayer.


Their medicinal history is actually quite impressive and dates back to early ages. They have been around since then, first being used by the Egyptians.  They first discovered and used essential oils through herbal extracts known as “Kyphi” to make perfumes, incense and medicines. Through aromatic vinegars, raisins and several other products, they made oils which were then used as balsams. It was right after Egypt first started using essential oils that it spread globally for people to make more uses out of it.

While Egypt also used these oils as an important part of worship and mummifications, it later spread to China where it was commonly known to be used by the Huang Ti emperor as a medicine. These medicines are still famous today by being termed as eastern medicines brought down from all those years ago. It wasn’t until it had spread to India that its true purpose was widely known. Being known as Ayurveda, the 3000 year history of essential oils were finally put to right use and spread globally in various different forms. Ayurveda is known to be herbal extracts famous for their medicinal characteristics.

The history of essential oils may date back to the early ages of human life but they are still extremely popular even in the western world. Its discovery benefitted human life and continues to improve its quality every day.

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