Ensuring Your EO’s Aren’t Diluted


Most fake essential oils tend to smell like alcohol (Because they use that to dilute it so they can sell more). If the one that you bought does, you should dispose of it. Pure essential oils generally have a distinct, sweet smell rather than an alcoholic one.  Remember, essential oils are therapeutic and shouldn’t give you a headache by its smell!

Stain On White Paper

This is the best test for essential oil because pure oil will not leave residues on a white paper.  Pure essential oil will instead leave a stain which will last for quite a while afterwards.


Before you buy the product, look at the price. A low price can be a major indicator of a faulty item and the same goes with essential oils. They usually come in fairly high prices so if you find a cheap one, you should question its quality.

The Feel Of The Oil

Since prices are not always a good indicator and eventually you end up buying a fake and highly expensive oil. You can check its authenticity by its feel. Most essential oils don’t feel greasy and if the one you bought does, then it likely isn’t pure.


If you’re an avid user of essential oils, you understand the importance of knowing which oil is pure and which is fake. While it may seem like a hard task, differentiating an unadulterated essential oil from a fake one is really not that difficult. Remember, it’s crucial that you use pure oils instead of fake ones. After all, your body will know the difference!  

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