Bamboo Is The Best!

This plant has been long considered a bringer of prosperity and better health, which is another reason people bring it into their homes. Here are some reasons why.

The hollow pipe like plant structure allows for the movement of positive Qi energy. The higher the amount of positive energy circulating within your home, the more abundance and prosperity it will attract.

You might have noticed bamboo plants in offices, homes, shops, etc. It could be their common occurrence or their cute appearance that drew your eyes to them. But did you wonder why people choose to add a bamboo plant?

The plant is related to the different elements that are a necessary part of Feng Shui, including Wood (the bamboo plant itself), Water (when it is watered), Earth (the earth that is within the vase) etc.

When placed in the East, your bamboo plant will become a magnet for good health for all the family members.

When placed in the South-East of your home, the bamboo plant will affect the finances in a positive manner.

So, now want one, or may have bought one already. Which brings us to the next question: how do you care for a bamboo plant?

Bamboo Plant Care and Maintenance

Keep the plant inside and water it regularly, taking care that you don’t underwater it or the leaves will start to get yellow.

Try to ensure that the plant stays dust and dirt free.

When watering, only use distilled water or filtered water. Refresh the water every fortnight but take care not to overwater the plant.

Pluck out yellow leaves as soon as you see them.

If you want to take advantage of the positive energy associated with Feng Shui, then place the plant in either east or south-east inside your home.

For the plant, pick a container that is two inches or wider than its spread.

Add stones and pebbles to the vase, so the plant will stand up straight.

Do not put the plant in direct sunlight.

Bamboo is an easy plant to keep and is supposed to bring its keeper good luck. Try bringing one into your home and see what happens!

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